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Beaverton Farmers Market

BFM poster 11x17 framed.jpg

BFM Poster

Beaverton Farmers Market is branded inspired by old botanical books and vintage seed packets.

BFM web.jpg

Beaverton Farmers Market Website

The BFM website homepage shows clips from a promo movie of the building of the market, aerial views and beautiful shots of vendors and their products. The site holds market rules to vendor log in, registration and an live active vendor map.

BFM bag art 2.jpg

BFM Tote

The markets tote sold so well that we have reordered the bags 3 times and now adapted the design to t-shirts and hoodies.

BFM print/web campaign

As the years produce arrives at the market, I designed a series of print and web ads to match the season letting customers know whats fresh.

Design Inspiration: Vintage seed packs & botanical pages

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